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FileSizeDate/timeArtistTitleYearAlbumCommentLengthBi..C..S.. 16:55:190:01:10128S44 16:41:120:01:03128S44 0.803.03.20 17:03:440:00:52128S44 0.803.03.20 16:46:090:00:55128S44 00:50:030:01:13128S44 0.803.03.20 16:15:390:00:54128S44 16:35:190:01:07128S44 12:21:250:01:14128S44 12:28:330:01:15128S44 1.603.03.13 01:06:020:01:41128S44 00:37:070:01:13128S44 0.703.03.13 00:30:060:00:49128S44 0.603.03.20 16:59:000:00:41128S44 0.803.03.20 16:10:450:00:52128S44 0.703.03.13 00:56:090:00:44128S44 0.803.03.20 16:20:120:00:50128S44 16:26:290:01:10128S44 0.503.03.20 16:49:000:00:32128S44 16:05:510:01:06128S44 22:01:190:01:03128S44 0.803.03.20 16:46:090:00:55128S44 0.803.03.20 16:10:450:00:52128S44 0.603.03.20 16:59:000:00:41128S44

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